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Building great custom software should always be personal.

In the 20+ years that I have been developing custom software, one fact really stands out. Building great software is a true collaboration. I really like that about our business. It’s that team spirit and the feeling that together we are going to be able to pull this project off that keeps me coming back for more.

People ask me why I chose the company name “MyProgrammer.” I didn’t choose it. My clients did. When I first started in this business I would occasionally visit the few clients I had. They always introduced me to co-workers by saying “This is Rob. He’s my programmer.” The name sort of stuck.

I like the name MyProgrammer because it conveys the personal nature of our business. Building great custom software should be personal. Every time.

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Partner with the software team that gets that.

Your custom software project is going to be one of the most important initiatives you take up. To say that it is going to be critical to your business and your livelihood is a real understatement. I think it is important that everyone on our team grasps and respects the trust that you have placed in us. Because in many cases, everything is riding on our ability to deliver for you. Literally.

Our team is composed exclusively of industry veterans. We average eight years of industry experience, and many members of our team have much more than that. This is a nice way of saying your project isn’t going to be our first rodeo.

Our custom software team members.

Totally decent results for over two decades.

Every software development company claims they are the best in the industry, and maybe they have the awards to back it up. I prefer to think of ourselves as the user-friendly custom software company that treats your project like our own.

Okay, we have a few awards, too.

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"Rob is such an easy guy to work with. He always seems to have solutions to our pressing problems, and he has always been there for us."

"We implement a lot of software projects at Universal, but working with Rob and his team was one of the easiest experiences I have had."

We've partnered with hundreds of clients all across America.

A statistically significant percentage were really cool, too.

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Practically no high pressure boiler room sales tactics used. And my wife assures me I am somewhat likable.

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