Custom software shouldn't look like a shipwreck.

Okay, that’s a subjective statement. My daughter Brit and I did find this scene in Turkey somewhat fascinating. But you might not feel the same if your custom software project ends up on the rocks.

Hi, I’m Rob Carr. You are probably here because you need help with a software project. I know, I’m clairvoyant. For 20 years we’ve helped businesses all across the USA create powerful custom software. Maybe we can help you too. In any case, good luck with your project. I’m rooting for you!

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Building nothing impossible since 1996.

Some companies claim they can build the impossible. Yeah, I know it’s just marketing. What they are really saying is they build the difficult. Building difficult software projects is pretty much all we do. Need a brochure style website? Good luck! We’re not a good fit.

Need custom software to automate your business? Bingo. We design and build powerful web, cloud, SaaS, mobile and database solutions. If it’s possible, we can do it.

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We like software technologies that don't suck.

I like using cool tech, and you probably do, too. Nobody likes tech that sucks. To build really cool software we focus on development tools that make getting the job done better, faster and stronger. Oh wait, that line was from The Six Million Dollar Man. But you get the picture.

We focus on leading software technologies from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the open source community.

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A proven process even Mom would love.

Sometimes making it up as you go can add a little excitement to your life. My wife Yoly swears I wing it every time we take a long road trip. And while I do like a good adventure now and then, I am not sure winging it would be the best approach when it comes to building your custom software project.

Over a decade ago I wrote a well regarded software development process called the 4D Methodology. Slightly better than winging it, this methodology lays out the steps a team should take to define, design, develop and deploy complex custom software.

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Totally decent results for over two decades.

Every software development company claims they are the best in the industry, and maybe they have the awards to back it up.  I prefer to think of ourselves as the user-friendly custom software company that treats your project like our own.

Okay, we have a few awards, too.

About MyProgrammer

These people weren't bribed or extorted.

Surrogates weren’t used. Nobody wrote these testimonials for them. At least not that we know about.

"I’ve been meaning to get back to you regarding a testimonial. I would love to give you a testimonial, however since we do not have an industry exclusive clause with you, upper management fears our ruthless competitors will figure it out and start using you as well to become as productive as we are now becoming!"

Confidential - Ohio

"I am not sure what we would have done without you guys. You have been a real partner every single step of the way."

Jenna Gavin
CEO & Co-Founder - Peerdash

"The entire team at MyProgrammer did a great job on our project, even when dealing with tight deadlines. We have since hired them for other projects."

Michael Gobbo
Special Projects - Universal Studios

"Working with the MyProgrammer team was extremely easy and they were more than helpful in designing a program to fit our needs."

Chelsea Burns
Coquille Indian Tribe

"We have been very pleased with our relationship with MyProgrammer. They have delivered a quality application that met our needs completely."

Wayne Koch
CEO - PHIcure

"We are very pleased with the work MyProgrammer did on our auditing program. They were easy to work with, and professional."

Jose Navarro
Senior Auditor - State of California

"I believe in providing referrals when they are warranted, and that is the case with the group at MyProgrammer."

Nat Wallen
CEO and Founder - Bella Ruby

Our clients even make videos about us.

Yeah, that’s a little awkward. We asked Nat if he’d mind providing a testimonial, since he seemed pretty happy with the job we did. Instead, he went ahead and put up this nice video.

Thanks Nat!

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Practically no high pressure boiler room sales tactics used. And my wife assures me I am somewhat likable.

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