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Rob Carr, Founder of MyProgrammerHi, I’m Rob Carr, founder of MyProgrammer.  Thanks for visiting our website. You are probably here because you are looking for a custom software development company to help you build a web application, mobile app or database solution. I know, I’m clairvoyant. For 20 years we’ve helped clients all across the country build powerful custom software solutions using industry best-practices. We can probably help you, too.

If you’d like to discuss your software project, you can call me at 800-984-6977, or use the form. Either way you’ll get my attention.

Why People Work with Us

People usually work with us for a few reasons. First, they want to save money, and our fixed-prices are very competitive. Second, they want the job done right, and we are fanatical about quality. And finally, they like knowing that I will be heavily involved in their project.

Our Latest Custom Software Creations

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Screenshot of a custom application we built for California company Peerdash

Peerdash is launching a cutting-edge cloud collaboration platform. Located in San Jose, California, Peerdash makes sharing and collaborating with a variety of content completely effortless. This application utilizes advanced security and scalability.

Screenshot of a custom application we built for Oregon Coquille Indian Tribe
Coquille Indian Tribe

The Coquille Indian Tribe in Coos Bay, Oregon, partnered with us to design and build a membership tracking database application to help them serve their tribal members more efficiently. This was our first Indian tribe, so we are pretty excited to help them.

Screenshot of a custom application we built for Ace of Spray
Ace of Spray

Ace of Spray is a Chicago firm providing pressure washing and property maintenance services throughout the nation. We designed and built a high performance web-based application to help them track leads and orders, and interface with their accounting system.

Custom software we built for Nevada firm ProThera.

Every application we design and build must look great and run great, and the eCommerce solution we are building for ProThera is a good example of that. This application integrates with SAP, and will ultimately help them run their order fulfillment division.

Custom website we designed and built for San Antonio symposium.
Probiotic Symposium

Every year, ProThera and Klaire Labs host a symposium on probiotics. We were hired to develop a database-driven marketing, eCommerce and registration application for the event in San Antonio, Texas. The result is shown on the left. It was a big hit.

Software application we built for California company Invensas.

Invensas hired us to help them design and build an innovative inventory work order application. This application helps them manage terabytes of data, and integrates with Windows Active Directory to make security configuration a snap.