Great custom software isn't mass-produced. It's handcrafted, one masterpiece at a time. Let's make your next web or mobile app project a big hit.
Rob Carr

Hi, I'm Rob Carr, founder of MyProgrammer. That's me and my family on the left. First, thanks for stopping by. You are probably here because you need help with a software project. I know, I'm clairvoyant. Building custom software takes more than technical skill. Sure, technical ability is needed, but building software is really a personal endeavor. The success of your project is largely dependant on our ability to work well together to achieve your goals. It's personal. Every time. And that's exactly the way it should be.

Over the years we've worked with Universal Studios, Quiksilver, CBS Radio, and over 100 small to medium size businesses. We've also been mentioned in Understanding Computers, a leading college textbook. And finally, we authored a well-regarded agile software development process called The 4D Methodology.

Okay, let's talk about something far more important. Your project! Can we help you? If your project involves a database, and isn't gambling or adult oriented, that's a definite maybe. But the easiest way to know for sure is to fill out the form at the bottom of this page. I'll get back to you promptly, and answer all your questions. I'll also provide cost and time estimates over the phone, and point you in the right direction if we aren't a good fit.

Thanks again for stopping by, and good luck with your software project. I look forward to hearing more about it!

Database company celebrating 20 years

We've been mentioned in:

Database company recognized for excellence

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We provide a full range of custom software development services, including consulting, planning, design, programming and ongoing support.

Web/Cloud Solutions

We design and build database-centric Web/Cloud solutions that run on popular web browsers. Harness the benefits of the Cloud for your next web portal, SaaS application or internal database solution. Our Web/Cloud solutions are compatible with all popular web browsers.

Mobile App Solutions

The ability to access your valuable information on the road can empower your sales team, open new markets, or facilitate real-time decision making. We design and build innovative business oriented mobile apps using Apple, Google and Microsoft technologies.

Desktop Solutions

Help your employees work more efficiently using powerful desktop database technology. It's the perfect solution for internal applications that may not need Internet connectivity. Our solutions utilize the latest software architecture, and are built for speed.

  • Software Consulting
  • Software Design
  • Computer Programming
  • Automated/Manual Testing
  • Upgrades/Ongoing Support


We design and build custom solutions using our time-tested 4D Methodology, which ensures repeatable, high quality results. Learn more about our process.


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We build custom software applications with an emphasis on modern design, ease of use and rock-solid code. Here are our latest software creations.

Track My Field

Located in Chicago, Ace of Spray hired us to design and build a web-based database application to help them manage their expanding pressure washing business. This database solution helps them manage Leads, Customers, Jobs, Estimates, Work Orders, and more.


Nat Wallen hired us to help him design and build a new cloud-based product for the mortgage industry. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, BellaRuby allows lenders and realtors to create synergies between their respective businesses.


We were excited when Peerdash approached us to design and develop a unique cloud-based social collaboration and storage application. This solution makes it easy for organizations to share content, while maintaining tight security control.


Probiotics leader ProThera hired us to design and build a new e-commerce solution. This application includes a redesigned store, in addition to web portals for their users and clients. The final application integrates with SAP, and streamlines the management and fulfilling of orders.


We enjoy working with our clients to design and build innovative software solutions. It's nice to know the feeling is mutual.

Michael Gobbo
Universal Studios
Hollywood, California

"Rob and the entire team at MyProgrammer did a great job on our project, even when dealing with tight deadlines. We have since hired them for other projects."

Wayne Koch
Delmar, New York

"We have been very pleased with our relationship with Rob and his team at MyProgrammer. They have delivered a quality application that met our needs completely."

Nat Wallen
Agent Converter
Charleston, South Carolina

"I believe in providing referrals when they are warranted, and that is the case with Rob and the group at MyProgrammer. I have been highly satisfied."

Stacey Gratson
Rad Cake Bakery
Detroit, Michigan

"I definitely do not mind working at the dental office. I have to pay you lol however you are worth every penny! You are the best of the best! Thanks so much, Rob!"

Jose Navarro
State of California
Orange County, California

"We are very pleased with the work MyProgrammer did on our auditing program. They were easy to work with, and very professional."

Nat Wallen Shares His Story

Agent Converter president and founder Nat Wallen shares his experience working with MyProgrammer. We are helping Nat design and build a web application for the mortgage industry. It's an innovative idea, and we are honored to help him make it a huge hit.

Thanks for the video testimonial, Nat!


To get the conversation started, please fill out the form below. We try to respond to all inquiries within an hour or two, if not sooner.

Happy Clients Coast to Coast:

"I believe in providing referrals when they are warranted, and that is the case with Rob and the group at MyProgrammer. I have been highly satisfied." - Nat Wallen, Agent Converter