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Is your Microsoft .NET application hurting your business? Is it slow, buggy and vulnerable to hackers? Are you losing customers because your developer can’t bring your ideas to life? It doesn’t have to be like this. For 20 years we’ve helped hundreds of companies clean up their coding messes quickly and cost-effectively. Stop the horror show today.

Are You Struggling With Your Existing ASP.NET Application?

How Did Your ASP.NET Project Become a Greek Tragedy?

Add it all up and you have the recipe for a BIG mess

We’ve Helped Hundreds Get Their Projects Back On Track

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is. If your software doesn’t work the way it should, your business is going to suffer. We’ve helped hundreds improve their existing web, mobile and desktop applications by fixing critical bugs and security threats, improving performance, adding new features, etc. We are experts in C#, ASP.NET, Classic ASP and VB.NET.

Universal Studios
State of California
Coquille Indian Tribe
CBS Radio
BASIS Schools
Mosquito Squad
Ace of Spray
Paraclete Indoor Skydiving

The Best Testimonials In The Industry

Rob and the entire team at MyProgrammer did a great job on our project, even when dealing with tight deadlines. We have since hired them for other projects.
Michael Gobbo, Universal Studios
We have been very pleased with our relationship with Rob and his team at MyProgrammer. They have delivered a quality application that met our needs completely.
Wayne Koch, PHIcure
MyProgrammer has taken our feature starved custom software application and added in the pieces we really needed for our business to function smoothly.
Matt McLean, Paraclete XP

“Cost effective suggestions along with timely service make Rob Carr and everyone at MyProgrammer my only go-to programmers for the last 20 years.”

Review of MyProgrammer Services

Allen Mixon

ARS Legal Recruiting

“You are the best of the best! Thanks so much Rob!”

MyProgrammer Client Review

Stacey Gratson

Rad Cake Bakery

“I vetted a lot of companies before I found Rob and MyProgrammer.”


Chase Landon

True Media Hero

“I believe in providing referrals when they are warranted.”

MyProgrammer Custom Software Review

Nat Wallen

Agent Converter

“I wasn’t sure I could find a company that could understand the complexities of our business, but MyProgrammer was easy to work with, and the program works great.”

ASP.NET Customer Review

Thomas Keegan

Gemini Group

“MyProgrammer was easy to work with, and very professional.”

PHP Customer Review

Jose Navarro

California State Board

“Rob and his programmers were very patient with me.”

PHP Testimonial

Andrew Scotson


Getting Your ASP.NET Project Back On Track Is Our Only Business

Is your existing software team unable to deliver for your business? Are you concerned that the quality of your software is suffering, right along with your bottom line? You aren’t alone. Poor quality software is far too prevalent today, and it can have a disastrous impact on your business. From the endless delays that leave your business struggling to keep up with your competitors, to lost revenue and wasted time and money, poor software can undermine all your efforts to grow your business.

We can help you get things back on track. For 20 years we’ve helped many companies just like yours recover from poorly built software, helping them get their business back on track.

To discuss your situation with me today, please click here. Oh yeah, one more thing. Good luck with your project!





Rob Carr
President and Founder
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What guarantee do you have that starting over will actually solve the problem? That’s why we try our best to salvage what you have, so you can use your software quicker, with less overall expense.

Reasonable Hourly Rates

Our hourly rates are among the lowest in the industry, but our testimonials underscore the value we provide.

Work With The Top 1%

Our team averages 10+ years experience, the highest in our industry by a wide margin. Start working with real ASP.NET professionals today.

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We have highly satisfied ASP clients across the USA, from New York to California. ASP and ASP.NET are our only business.