Yoly getting up close with some hungry sharks in Hawaii

Our tech stack won't throw you to the sharks...

I am pretty particular when it comes to choosing software technologies. I like using tools that get the job done without a lot of fuss, because that saves time and money and generally puts me in a better mood. I also like using tools that won’t become obsolete in a few years. It just takes too long to get proficient with a tool. I don’t like throwing away that effort.

That’s why we focus on leading web, mobile and database technologies from Microsoft, Apple, Google and the open source community. We know these tools aren’t going anywhere, and they make getting the job done a lot easier.

By the way, that’s Yoly in Hawaii getting up close and personal with a bunch of hungry sharks.

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...or totally suck.

I like working with tools that make my life (and yours) easier. That’s why we work with the tools I’ve listed. These are tools that have stood the test of time, are highly optimized and supported, and just making getting work done mostly drama-free.

I don’t like telling our clients  “that’s not possible” because the tool isn’t up to the task. Our tech stack is flexible and powerful enough to get just about any job done, and I have never once told a client “that’s not possible.”

Scalability is another important characteristic I look for. What good is a technology if it slows to a crawl when 10 people try to use it simultaneously?

Web, cloud and SaaS technologies that lead to happy endings.

Okay that sounded inappropriate. But like most inappropriate things in life, there is some truth to it. If you are launching a web, cloud or SaaS solution the technology decisions you make today can have a huge impact on your ability to have a happy ending for many years to come. See how I saved that one?

We build web, cloud and SaaS solutions using software technologies that can scale as demand grows. Our custom software solutions are optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other leading cloud providers.

Custom Cloud Software Development Platforms
Custom Mobile Technologies We Use

Mobile tech that probably won't turn your device into a projectile.

We’ve all felt like throwing our phones (or tablets) from time to time. We expect these devices (and the apps they run) to work flawlessly every time, and when they don’t we can get frustrated.

We like using tools that make the odds of turning a smart phone into a projectile pretty slim. We were one of the first development shops to start creating an app for iOS way back in March, 2008. We also develop apps for Android, and we use Xamarin to build iOS and Android apps using Microsoft .NET.

We eat database technology for breakfast.

Okay, that’s not really possible. But I do enjoy working with leading database technologies from Microsoft, Oracle and the open source community. If you think about it, the database is the foundation of the entire application. It is the lowest level. Everything we do related to building custom software applications builds on top of it.

As you can imagine, it is pretty important to get that step right. I like using tools that make the job easier, but also are highly scalable. We choose database tools that can handle the growth your business is probably going to experience.

Custom Database Development Technologies

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