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Case Study #1

Case Study: Peerdash

Peerdash wanted to seize a segment of the market that they believed was ripe for explosive growth. Cloud collaboration is the notion that if you marry cloud-based file sharing with social media aspects, you get an industry revolution. We leveraged every bit of our two decades of software development experience to come up with unique and patented ideas to make disparate systems speak to each other, quickly and securely. Peerdash has received multiple rounds of funding, and Rob is named on several of the patents. Expect to hear big things from Peerdash in the months and years to come!


Peerdash founders Jenna Gavin and Seyed Safakish had big plans for a cloud-based collaboration platform, but they had mixed results with the prior software team they hired. First, they needed a team with a strong security background, and they needed a team who could take their raw ideas and shape them into a robust platform. The final product also had to pass strict government testing and compliance requirements.

I am not sure what we would have done without you guys. You have been a real partner every single step of the way.

Custom Software Client Jenna Gavin
Jenna Gavin, Peerdash

San Jose, California

Custom Software Developer Rob Carr

Rob's Take

A lot of companies choose MySQL because it is free, but I think there are other compelling reasons. Because MySQL is open source, it is possible for experts around the world to inspect the source code to identify flaws. That is pretty important. It also makes it possible to modify the code to suite a particular need, which is not available in most commercial database management systems. Generally speaking, if you choose PHP it is commonly developed along side MySQL, since both are open source. I think the database tool is a secondary consideration, as there are so many excellent options available today.

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