All the software services you need, without the bull.

Creating custom software involves a lot of moving parts and unique skills. But ultimately you just need a solution. That’s why we provide all the custom software services you need to successfully launch a new software product, or improve an existing one.  We can help with software strategy, planning, design, programming, testing, hosting, installation and ongoing maintenance and support.

And speaking of bull, that’s a photo from our family vacation to see the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. And no, I didn’t run. I am a software developer!

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Shockingly, your project probably requires more than just programming.

Web, cloud and SaaS applications your users certainly won't hate.

Okay, hate is a pretty strong word. So let’s try to build a web application that your users won’t be negatively passionate about. So how do we go about doing that? Call me old-fashioned, but I think we first need to really understand the problem we are trying to solve. Second, we need to devise the optimal solution to solve that problem. This involves things like workflows, user stories, ER Diagrams (don’t ask), and a bunch of other stuff. And finally, we need to make sure it runs fast and look really pretty.

Today we probably spend half of our time designing and building web applications.  If you think you might need one, go ahead and get on my calendar.

Totally sick mobile apps for any platform.

My daughter Brit thinks using the word “sick” will make me seem more hip and relevant.  But that word only conjures up memories of the last time I tried a virtual reality headset. Only you know if she was right or not.

We do build some pretty cool mobile apps, so if you need something that won’t make your users violently ill let me know. We design and build mobile solutions using iOS, Android, Xamarin (for .NET) and Responsive technology.

Database solutions that look nothing like database solutions.

I cut my teeth building database solutions using dBase and Paradox back in the early 1990s. I still have the installation disks to prove it, much to the dismay of my wife Yoly. In my opinion a solid database solution needs to look great, run great, and provide an awesome user experience. In other words, it shouldn’t look like your typical database solution.

The types of database applications we build are used to increase sales, improve efficiency, manage customers, analyze big data, and a bazillion more reasons.  In fact, we don’t build anything without a database at its core.  So…need a database solution? Yeah, we do that.

Custom software development: our only gig for 2 decades.

My wife Yoly thinks I need a little more variety in my life. For example, every morning I have a bagel with cream cheese. She thinks I would be happier if I ate eggs and rice every once in a while. Sorry honey, but that’s not the guy you married almost two decades ago.

I also look forward to building cool custom software for unique and interesting clients. I like meeting new people and solving their business challenges using the latest tech. It never gets old.

It might seem a little boring but that’s just the way I like it.

Ongoing application support because nobody likes drama.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of emergency IT calls at 8pm on a Friday night. They just seem to take the fun out of the evening. But that stuff does happen, and you need a partner who can deliver when the going gets tough. We know that everything could be riding on your application operating properly, so we do our best to act like it.

Our support agreements are very friendly, and we do not require annual contracts. Ask me for more information when we talk next.

Above average nationwide service since 1996.

I like working with cool people, and interesting businesses. One of the great things about the nature of what we do is we get to meet and interact somewhat intimately (okay, not THAT intimately) with businesses all across the country. We’ve worked on projects in a wide variety of industries and verticals, and that gives us a big advantage when we work on your project.

We can leverage our diverse experience to make your project the best that it can be. Our job is to bring new and innovative ideas to the table that you may not have considered, or even knew existed.

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Practically no high pressure boiler room sales tactics used. And my wife assures me I am somewhat likable.

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