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High-Value Custom Software Services

A great software "outcome" occurs when you receive high quality software, delivered in the shortest amount of time, and at the lowest possible cost. Our business model, unique hiring process, and fully managed approach have allowed us to deliver affordable, high-quality software for two decades.

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Custom Software Consulting

With over two decades of custom software experience, our team of professionals can help you craft the right strategy, and make the right decisions for your growing business.

  • Technology Selection:
    Does Open Source make the most sense for your business, or would a Microsoft solution be a better fit? We can provide you with the facts you need to make the right decision for your business.
  • Application Consulting:
    Over the years we've built hundreds of custom applications. We can help you decide which features make sense, and which features don't pass the cost vs. benefit test.
  • Application Hosting :
    Should you run your application from your dedicated server, or would AWS (Amazon) make more sense? We have experience with many hosts and can offer pros and cons to each.
  • Security and More:
    We have helped hundreds of companies launch new applications to improve their business, or start new ones. We can assist you on a wide variety of topics, including security, domains, servers and more.

UI/UX Design

The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) play critical roles in the adoption and success of your custom software application. Great custom software is always a work of art.

  • Wireframing:
    The design process can be both time-consuming and costly. To reduce costs we wireframe most of the User Interface before any costly front-end development is performed.
  • Mockups:
    To ensure that we are on the right track, we will typically mockup the User Interface to give our clients a better image of how the application will ultimately turn out.
  • Workflows:
    When designing any system it is critical that the designer understands the optimal flow of information, and incorporates this information into the overall User Experience.

Custom Software Programming

Your application is just a pretty face until the front-end, backend and business logic programming are completed. Our developers are classically trained, with an average of 8 years real-world experience.

  • Front End Programming:
    The front end is the portion of the software application that you can see and interact with. As you can see from the examples on our website, we don't do cookie-cutter applications. Custom software should always be a work of art.
  • Backend Programming:
    Typically the backend of an application refers to the database portion. We cut our teeth building custom database applications over two decades ago.
  • Business Logic Programming:
    Your application will most-likely need to mimic your internal business processes. This portion of the programming is done in the business logic layer.

Custom Database Development

We cut our teeth in the industry over 20 years ago building custom database applications. Today every application we design and build incorporates database technologies.

  • ER Diagramming:
    Before we start to build a custom database application we first diagram the entire database schema, creating what is called an ER (Entity-Relationship) diagram. Here's an example of one.
  • Database Modeling:
    We like to take our ER diagrams and turn them into physical database models. This helps us (and you) visualize how data is managed and stored in your application.
  • Database Programming:
    This is the step where we build the queries, stored procedures and views for your application. We also "stitch" the front end and the backend together.

Six Benefits of Partnering with MyProgrammer


Your custom software project won't be our first, or even 100th rodeo. With over 20 years of real world experience, we've most likely seen a project similar to yours before.


We aren't a "Jack of all trades" shop. Because we focus exclusively in custom software for small businesses, we understand that quality and budgets are critical to success.


Our unique business model allows us to pass significant savings on to your small business. We typically provide 40% savings versus other development firms.

Service Area:

We have clients in almost every state, from coast-to-coast. We leverage the latest collaboration technologies, making any client a local client.

On Demand:

Our service is designed to be extremely flexible. Start and stop work on your project at any time. No long-term contracts, commitments or retainers.

Deep Bench:

Our team is comprised of all senior developers. We don't hire rookies because you can't afford to pay to train them. Leverage our deep bench of custom software talent.

How We Hire The Best Developers Available

100 Developers Apply to MyProgrammer
62 Pass Effective Communication Exam
36 Pass Live Interview
17 Pass Technical Interview
5 Join Our Team

Featured Client: ProThera

photo of web designer Cesar

Jason Menke

ProThera - Reno, Nevada

"MyProgrammer did an awesome job for us. They have always been highly responsive."

Technology Stack:

  • SQL Server
  • SAP

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We were recently mentioned in leading college textbook.

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Nominated the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Consulting Companies in America.

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Nominated as one of the 50 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies in America.

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Nominated for the 20 Most Promising Database Solution Providers in America.

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