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Software shouldn't look like a guy in a cave designed it.

Unless that is the look you are going for. And I am not going to say that look might not work in certain situations. But for the other 99.93% of us, we want something a bit more modern. And the last thing we want is software that looks like a programmer designed it. Because those guys are the worst.

Here are a few examples of custom software applications we’ve designed and built in the past. This should give you a basic idea of the type of projects we work on, and the quality of our work.

By the way, that is Brit and Yoly in a cave condo we stayed in while visiting central Turkey a few years back.

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Ace of Spray needed a database solution. So we made one.

We partnered with Ace of Spray, a leading pressure washing company located in Chicago, Illinois. Their basic problem was that they had too many paying customers, and not enough technology to manage it all. They needed to track and manage prospects, leads, customers, jobs and communication between customers, subcontractors, employees and others.

We designed and built a product called Track My Field, which integrated a variety of web, mobile and database technologies. This product was built using Microsoft .NET.


BellaRuby needed a SaaS solution. So we made that, too.

I really like working with startups. Maybe it’s the excitement, the clean slate nature of the project, or simply the discovery of what’s possible. We partnered with South Carolina startup BellaRuby to design and build an innovative SaaS solution to help them launch a new mortgage/real estate venture.

This solution was designed to leverage synergies that existed between traditional real estate agents and brokers, and mortgage lenders. We were tasked to innovate an industry that isn’t well known for embracing technology.

This custom SaaS solution was designed and built using ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, JQuery and other leading web technologies.

"Rob is such an easy guy to work with. He always seems to have solutions to our pressing problems, and he has always been there for us."

"We implement a lot of software projects at Universal, but working with Rob and his team was one of the easiest experiences I have had."

San Francisco Travel needed a portal to integrate with Salesforce.

We partnered with San Francisco Travel, the official travel association for the city of…you guessed it…San Francisco. This was an interesting project, as it involved designing and building a new portal for thousands of existing partners. The existing portal was slow, buggy and did not integrate with Salesforce. We built a sync engine to interface with Salesforce, so data could be reliably shared between the two platforms.

The cloud/SaaS solution will built for San Francisco Travel combined technology from Microsoft, Salesforce, and the open source community. It is also 100% mobile friendly, incorporating the latest in Responsive design.

Custom Cloud Solution Screenshot Example

We even built a pretty cool social cloud solution for Peerdash.

We partnered with San Jose startup Peerdash to design and build a Cloud solution. The Peerdash project is a pretty interesting story. The best way to describe this project is that this is what you’d get if Facebook and Dropbox had a baby. Security was pretty high on the list of must-haves, in addition to sharing controls, collaboration, and too many other features to list.

This solution ended up being deployed by the U.S. Department of Energy, which is pretty hard to do, given their paranoia about security breaches.

This solution incorporated PHP, MySQL, lots of open source and web technologies, and other tech our NDA prohibits us from mentioning.

We also found time to create a sick mobile solution for Saqstivity.

Here’s another interesting project. We partnered with Chicago startup SAQStivity to design and build a cloud-based mobile (and desktop) solution that optimizes a person’s strength exercises based on the sports position they play. It’s a very unique approach, and we are pleased to be a part of it.

This solution incorporates Microsoft .NET, Xamarin, Authorize.NET and other open source and web technologies.

mobile app development example

We've partnered with hundreds of clients all across America.

A statistically significant percentage were really cool, too.

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