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Custom Software Client Quiksilver
Custom Software Client Universal Studios
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Screenshot of Custom Software Client Prothera


ProThera provides quality probiotics, enzymes, and other nutritional supplements to physicians across the globe. The challenge they faced was related to growth that was pushing their existing e-commerce application to the breaking point. Working closely with their team we revamped critical areas of their existing application, and removed bottlenecks that were slowing things down. We also designed and built a new website for their annual symposium, which went on to be the most successful in their history. Thanks for the kind testimonial, Jason!

Screenshot of Custom Software Client Bella Ruby

Bella Ruby

Nat Wallen had some unique ideas for a cloud-based subscription service that built synergies between mortgage lenders and real estate agents. The project involved multiple moving parts, including an administration portal, public facing consumer websites, and advertising components. It also integrated with online marketing solutions and various third party add-ons.

Thanks for the great video testimonial, Nat!

Screenshot of Custom Software Client Peerdash


Talk about an interesting project! We partnered with Peerdash to design and build a revolutionary cloud collaboration platform that is now used by the United States Department of Energy. This innovative solution has been described as what you'd get if Facebook and Dropbox had a baby. This open source project incorporates innovative many patents, some of which Rob is listed on, including an advanced server-to-server communication service called PAS.

Thanks for the nice testimonial, Jenna!

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Screenshot of Custom Software Client TrackMyField

Umbrella One

When Mark approached us, he had a classic problem typical of most growing companies. He was burried in data, and using Excel and Word to manage mounds of data. This was literally holding his company back from seizing a bigger share of the market he competes in, which is barrier spray and maintenance. We designed and built a system for him called Track My Field, which let's just say has helped them. In Mark's words "...we’re up big time over last year."

Thanks for the nice testimonial, Mark. Glad you guys are killing it!

Screenshot of Custom Software Client SF Travel

San Francisco Travel

Here's another interesting project. The San Francisco Travel Association is a 100 year old organization that promotes tourism to the city of San Francisco. We partnered with them to design and develop a brand new partner portal, used by thousands of hotels, restaurants and other companies involved in tourism. This solution also synced data with Salesforce, their enterprise CRM, and the result is an experience that is significantly faster, works on all devices, and provides far greater capabilities.

Thanks for the nice testimonial, Fred!

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Screenshot of Custom Software Client Agent Converter

Agent Converter

Here's another project we built for Nat Wallen. Called Agent Converter, this ASP.NET solution made it possible for Nat to manage the synergy being developed by mortgage lenders and real estate agents, in a simple, modern portal. Thanks again for the nice testimonial, Nat!

I am not sure what we would have done without you guys. You have been a real partner every single step of the way.

Custom Software Client Jenna Gavin
Jenna Gavin, Peerdash

San Jose, California

MyProgrammer did an awesome job for us. They have always been highly responsive.

Custom Software Client Jason Menke
Jason Menke, ProThera

Reno, Nevada

This is our absolute busiest time of year and the good news is that we’re up big time over last year. I will definitely get you guys a testimonial.

Custom Software Customer Mark Rashkow
Mark Rashkow, Umbrella One

Chicago, Illinois

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