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You probably have some questions. I probably have some answers.

Of course there’s no guarantee of that, but since my wife Yoly assures me that I am somewhat likable, I don’t see what you have to lose. The consultation is absolutely free, and as a bonus, if we get far enough I will even provide you with a nice itemized estimate.

A Special Note for Solicitors: Please don’t use this form to try to sell me anything. And no, I am not going to send you $2,000 so you can send me $1 million, although that does sound really good.

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"Rob is such an easy guy to work with. He always seems to have solutions to our pressing problems, and he has always been there for us."

"We implement a lot of software projects at Universal, but working with Rob and his team was one of the easiest experiences I have had."

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A statistically significant percentage were really cool, too.