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About Custom Software Pricing
Understanding Custom Software Pricing
Rob Carr Pricing May 7, 2018

If you are a bit confused about how custom software is priced, this blog post is for you. I break down the various pricing models and help you make sense of it all.

Why Software Projects Fail
Why Software Projects Fail
Rob Carr Development March 11, 2018

Some studies show that over half of all custom software projects fail. Let's take a look at why that happens, so you can avoid experiencing one.

Agile vs Waterfall
Agile vs. Waterfall Methodologies
Rob Carr Development February 10, 2018

Rob takes a look at two common software development methodologies, Agile and Waterfall, and helps you understand why one might be better than the other for your custom software project.

How Great Custom Software Gets Built

How Great Custom Software Is Built

Rob Carr Quality January 8, 2018

In this blog post Rob breaks down a recent project that was designed and built for the official travel site for the city of San Francisco. This project incorporates Responsive Design, ASP.NET, SQL Server and integrates with Salesforce.

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Responsive Design vs Native Apps
Native App vs. Responsive Website
Rob Carr Mobile November 3, 2017

Rob discusses the pros and cons of building native mobile apps versus building responsive web apps.

Microsoft ASP.NET vs. PHP
Rob Carr Quality October 21, 2017

Not sure which development technology/platform you should select for your custom software project? Rob explains the pros and cons of Microsoft ASP.NET and PHP, two popular options.

Understanding Continuous Integration
The Benefit of Continuous Integration
Rob Carr Quality August 1, 2017

Rob discusses how MyProgrammer's software build process works, and why having a proven build process is important to your project.