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Featured Android Client

Featured Client: Jail Management Systems

Jail Management Systems (JMS) asked us to design and build a new custom software solution targeting corrections facilities. They wanted something futuristic, and like nothing else out there. As you can see from the picture above, we delivered a highly unique, almost Star Trek type experience. Still in development, JMS will eventually track and manage inmate populations across the USA, making for a better managed, and safer experience for correctional employees.


One of the biggest challenges we faced was gaining consensus with the multitude of facilities that will be using this application. Each corrections facility follows slightly different procedures when dealing with inmates, visitors, court appearances, etc.

Custom Software Developer Rob Carr

Rob's Take

Android device growth is exploding, and in the US Android now accounts for 67% of all new device activations. If you are going to bring a mobile app to the market, you are not going to want to overlook Android. But developing and supporting multiple apps across different platforms is expensive, so you if I were building an app today I would probably look at technologies like PhoneGap. This makes it possible to build once and deploy across multiple platforms. Another option is gaining a lot of traction, and that is building Responsive web applications that work across all devices and screen sizes.

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I’ve been meaning to get back to you regarding a testimonial. I would love to give you a testimonial, however since we do not have an industry exclusive clause with you, upper management fears our ruthless competitors will figure it out and start using you as well to become as productive as we are now becoming!

Custom Software Client Erica
Erica, Company Confidential

Cincinnati, Ohio

We developed a great partnership with Rob and the MP team. They are dedicated to understanding our internal processes and the requirements for our Partner Portal website. We appreciate their attention to detail, timely delivery and their post development support is OUTSTANDING. I would definitely recommend their services to other colleagues.

Custom Software Client Fred Malinis
Fred Malinis, San Francisco Travel

San Francisco, California

I believe in providing referrals when they are warranted, and that is the case with the group at MyProgrammer.

Custom Software Client Nat Wallen
Nat Wallen, Bella Ruby

Charleston, South Carolina

The entire team at MyProgrammer did a great job on our project, even when dealing with tight deadlines. We have since hired them for other projects.

Custom Software Client Mike Gobbo
Mike Gobbo, Universal Studios

Los Angeles, California

Working with the MyProgrammer team was extremely easy and they were more than helpful in designing a program to fit our needs.

Custom Software Client Chelsea Burns
Chelsea Burns, Coquille Indian Tribe

Bend, Oregon

We have been very pleased with our relationship with MyProgrammer. They have delivered a quality application that met our needs completely.

Custom Software Client Wayne Koch
Wayne Koch, Inmediata

Delmar, New York